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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Figures in question.

Hey everyone, 

I'm looking for your thoughts, opinions, critiques and artistic knowledge.
I have been thinking long and hard about the Game of Thrones figures I made not so long ago for the Ltd Gallery in Seattle. They were a small collection and made really as a whole art piece for a show with no real intention of becoming anything but that. Since they sold out at the show I have been getting emails from all over from so many amazing people. Some asking will I make more and others demanding I make more. Ive been asked about nearly every character, "Where is Joffrey at? The Mother of Dragons eating a heart what up? YO! make Oberyn if ya know whats good for ya."

Making the entire Battle Damaged collection is something I would love to do, they were so much fun to make but its a huge task to take on along with work and just life in general. But lately the urge has been too great and maybe I need to listen to the people and just get my game ( of thrones ) on.

The thing thats really stopping me is I haven't the foggiest where to start? How to mass produce something but keep the hand made elements and charm? Even with a Kickstarter campaign and some money backing it how could I produce so many characters in a short space of time in the way that keeps them as a collectible piece? Is there a toy company that could help? Who to ask or where to look?
What I'm asking you all is for your thoughts? DO you like the work enough to feel there should be more? Would you buy one as an artistic designer toy? Would it be best to have them made of wood, hand painted and not plastic? I make this stuff always thinking of the fans of my work and I guess now I am asking those fans what would you do? Your thoughts and honest opinions would help steer me the right way. 

I've started this discussion and investigation over on my Facebook page so feel free to jump in and share your thoughts or you can email me at 

Much love. 

Friday, January 02, 2015

Paduary 2015

At the beginning of 2012 I set myself a personal project that would also act as month long gift to a friend. I dedicated the month of January to my friend and creative collaborator Paddy Dunne calling it 'Paduary'.

Over the course of the month I would take a few minutes out of each day and do a little doodle of Paddy.I would illustrate the daily adventures of my champion friend so you too can get to know the REAL Paddy Dunne. Each little paddy pic Is based on the true life adventures of Paddy Dunne with pure exaggerated imagination ingredients included. 

This project is now in its 4rd year and I hope to continue it until Paddy and myself share the same nursing home or we run out of pop culture references. 

This year is a little different than the last. Instead of random daily scenarios I will make a continuing story line, made by the suggestions from you the Paddy fans. So anyone following can suggest where Paddy goes or what characters he meets along the way. Some days there may be more than one page depending on where we take the story. The story begins the morning after that big party. Leave your suggestions in the comment box below each image. 

I'd love if you could share Paduary with your friends so we can change that boring old January once and for all and bring a bit of craic to it. It will be way better than checking the news in the morning time and the more people involved the more wild suggestions. 

You can look at all the past years on my website HERE

You can also follow Paduary each day this month HERE

Let the padventure begin

Happy Paduary 2015.

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Some 'Tough Love' this Christmas

This christmas think of the prints out there that have no home. Adopt a 'Tough Love' print this christmas as a gift for your lonely walls. I have teamed up with the Tough Love Print Gallery to release a series of 4 limited edition prints all inspired by my favourite tough loves from my favourite Christmas movies, well the more inadvertent Christmas movies. 

Riggs and Murtaugh sharing some love after a hard day at work. John and Holly wrapped up after an eventful Christmas eve stuck in the airport. Edward and Kim's long goodbye and of course our very own Brenda looking after Kevin in the big city. These are the moments I love around this time of year, sitting by the fire, wrapped up and cosy with the ones you love. 

Each print is 8"X 8" Giclee on Cotton Rag, signed, and  numbered. They are an edition of 20 and also available as a set of 4 . 

Be sure to get in tough with the guys at Hang Tough Framing frame them up for you, these look pretty great framed and make a lovely little gift. 

Be sure to check out TOUGH LOVE and have a happy christmas. x 

Thursday, September 25, 2014


The Rebels have come to Dublin and opened up a fine drinking and eating establishment. Soberlane is more than your grand auld pub, its a massive slice of lovely. Having been kitted out by the architectural genius of ABGC, I was commissioned to create some artwork for the walls and what a delightfully splendid commission it was.
The lads, like myself have a fondness for  80s & 90s pop culture . They also love that old school pub decor, so we decided to mash them up.  The result was some interesting pop culture taxidermy.
Paying homage to our long lost childhood trophies I decided to adorn the Soberlane walls with some fallen hero's.
Where did Bosco go? His yello box has a NAMA sticker on it for years. . Whatever happened to Alf? The truth is out there and it ain' pretty. Is Sonic still running around The Green Hill zone or did Robotnic clip him with his Nissan Micra??? The evidence is now behind the doors of Soberlane so be sure to pop your head in for some delish grub and tall pints off a grand bunch of chaps. Also whilst your there check out some stencilific pieces from ADW hidden about the place.

If you want to see shelfies and photos of terrified food before I eat it follow me on  Instagram 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ackbarrassing Bodies - Boot Leg Action Figure for Plastik Schmack

It's been a long time since I have paid much attention to this place. I haven't been the best parent to this Blog and I think it's something I need to remedy. If my blog was Aaliyah I think I'd have to be Timberland or maybe Jet Li? I dunno which one but in the mortal words of the deep n dusty voiced lumberjack;
It's been a long time,( long time)  we shouldn't of left you (left you),Without a dope beat to step to (step to, step to, step to, step to).
It's been a long time (long time), we shouldn't of left you (left you),
Without a dope beat to step to (step to, step to, step to, step to)

It's about time I come back inside and sit by the fire and share some of the work I have been busy making the past while. I just didn't have a dope beat to step to until now. The guys over at Streets Of Beige have sent me that beat in the form of a sweet brief for a fine beast of a show. Let me tell you about Plastik Schmack. This is a show that challenges all the artists involved to leave behind their usual 3D or 2D creation techniques and step into the world of the boot leg toy. Each of the 30 artists in the show have been asked to decapitate, amputate, melt and disembowel their old toys and regenerate them into their own boot leg creation. A welcoming challenge that I for one was very excited about but upon making my creation realised that I had no old toys in the new gaff I moved into. Shocking I know. To think I moved house and packed boring grown up shit like clothes and furniture over toys. My childhood is still weeping. 
On a quick visit back home to my folks I yet again completely forgot to rummage through my old toys. Yet again another goal for my grown up age. Sick. Upon driving out the drive way I remembered and made a speedy dash up the stairs grabbing whatever came into view first. It wasn't until a few days later when I  looked at the loot I'd snagged that I realised what an utterly shit collection of toys I had. What thee fook was I gonna make with an old eagle eyes Action man head, a sputtering 1990's pirate and a Micro Machines Admiral Ackbar Star Wars playset??? The amount of Turtle toys I have and thats what I grabbed!!
Then one Sunday night whilst sipping on the late night thinkers hot brew it dawned on me that all the toys had exactly the same skin tones. They had something in common. As a decapitated Action Man and Admiral watched on I humiliated a once fierce pirate and stripped him naked. To my shock and amusement I discovered that not only was this pirate a Eunuch but he was also wearing the whitest socks I had ever seen. I began to suspect that perhaps this was a pirate after all but merely a hustler in the toy community. It was around this time that I caught the  eagle eye of Action Man. He was right. I needed to put his head on the Eunuch Pirates body. I still had no idea where this was going and felt a serious pang of guilt as I just remembered that this wasn't my Pirate, it was my mate Ben's. I realised this mid POP! Sorry Ben, it's not the easiest thing to tell a grown up mate. 

After some fiddling around....wait I'm still talking about a naked decapitated Pirate so let me rephrase. After messing this whack shit right up I eventually had my figure. But I wasn't too sure what that figure was or about? I lay him on the table, sat back with my tea and through my mind over to far away places down the Channel 4 rabbit hole. I sat there looking at the screen with one eye and the other on this wired little man thing I just made. His little sad eyes looking at me with a Frankenstein stare. He looked like something that would be on a Channel 4 docu...HOLYFUCKINSHIT!!!! Eureka! 

It wasn't until I popped those little white socks on him that he screamed Embarrassing Bodies. Is anything more embarrassing than a naked man wearing nothing but his socks? Yep a naked Eunuch wearing nothing but socks with a great big Star Wars tumour on his bleedin chest mate! The rest came together pretty quick after that. 

With some dodgey photoshopping on the packaging and some accessories such as a cotton bud, a surgical blade, box of C3P BLOWS Tissues and a little tube of creme he was ready to be shipped out to infect an entire gallery. 

Show opens on Friday the 19th at the SOB Gallery in Bristol. Check out more info here on their open invite page.